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Satisfied Customers in a Wide Range of Industries in Many Countries Worldwide

"Your profiles (sales assessment tests) are effective in weeding out those who claim to be 'Hunters', but truly are not".
(Retail: Carpet and Flooring Company)
Offices in USA and Canada
"You know what's funny. Is that this test seems to be dead on with my strengths and weaknesses. If I were to tell you what I thought what would honestly be obstacles for me during my role as a sales person, the test scored me the weakest on. This seems to be a good one. Whoever wrote these questions seems to know exactly what they are talking about. I'm impressed with the accuracy of the results".
Applications Engineer (evaluating the test for the CEO)
(Engineering / Industrial: Water and Wastewater Pump Station Control and Monitoring)
Offices in USA, UK and Australia
"I completed the (evaluation / demo) test which you sent to me and was very impressed with the whole process. It was easy to understand, comprehensive, uncomplicated, relatively quick and concise. I was also impressed with how quickly the report card was made available after the test was completed. The report was short, concise and clear, which is important.
We recruit salespeople, amongst other types of candidates, and it appears to be a constant issue on behalf of employers to determine which salespeople have the necessary ability to sell in a tough and challenging market. This product can help them make more informed and structured decisions rather than just going on a hunch or gut feeling".
Principal / Recruitment Consultant
(Recruiting: Print and Packaging Sector)
"It is my distinct honor and privilege to recommend The JOY Sales Tests™: World's First and Best Tests of Total Sales Ability™ to all progressive and dynamic sales organizations worldwide. Having taught sales and sales management at several accredited U.S. business schools for the past 30 years and consulted with small and large organizations, I am intimately aware of the almost elusive challenges of recruiting, selecting, training, motivating, compensating, and evaluating professional salespeople. The JOY Sales Tests™ offer immense clarity, precision, and predictability to the inexact science of recruiting the professional sales force in a global marketplace. Any sales manager, regardless of industry, would be well-served to consider this conceptually-sound, pragmatically-designed tool -- The JOY Sales Tests™ -- to instantaneously enhance sales force efficiency and effectiveness. As organizations compete more astutely for the best customers, it is essential to have the absolute best sales and marketing talent on the planet to ensure success. I recommend wholeheartedly the merits of The JOY Sales Tests™ as your best chance to secure your sales and marketing future!"
Dr. A. J. W.
(Distinguished Professor of Marketing)
Former Chairman, Department of Management and Marketing
Former Dean, College of Business
"It seems (that) hiring good (sales) people is the hardest part! Your tests have been very helpful and you are right, I am learning to rely on the test(s). I had to (let go) another employee that was hired prior to using your tests. I had her take the test when I began to question her ability and she was not recommended for the position. Giving her the test after I hired her only justified what I had felt for the last 3 months and finally helped (us part company). On a better note I just hired someone who scored very well on the test. She has been with me 2 weeks and with only minimal training she has already sold 8 memberships. I will highly recommend any franchisee to utilize your testing services."
Owner Franchisee
(Personal Services / Hospitality / Spa)
"We're very happy with your products and we intend to keep our account with you active... as we are going to be using it consistently through 2011 and beyond".
Head Counsel Legal Department
(Property Management, Real Estate Acquisition and Foreclosure Defense)
"I feel (that) the Dan Joy Test is a very fine tool for us and has proven itself (to be) a good initial screen tool".
(Brand name Hardwood Floors and Moldings)
"I took the assessment last night -- wow -- it is tough! I really like the feedback and breakdown... thanks for your help".
Consultant / Sales Recruiter Evaluating the Test
(Medical / Healthcare Recruiting)
"The (free) trial is quite interesting and I have requested my fellow directors to try it. Whilst I appreciate that the questions are focussed on sales people, I wanted to see what it said about me. It was an accurate representation."
Managing Director
(Technical Consultancy Firm: Design and development of vehicle security systems)

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