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Recruiting (Full Service Testing)

Full-serve Testing; All-inclusive Flat Fee

  • If you need good salespeople (experienced), sales trainees (entry level) or sales managers, 1 to 100+, locally, regionally or nationwide, we can help you find them, anywhere in the USA, Canada, UK or India (more countries being added, please ask).
  • We would do much of the work for you, such as writing your employment ad(s), advertising your job-openings on the major career portals, emailing the test-invitations, testing the job-applicants on your behalf, etc.
  • Then we shall refer the top screened / tested applicants to you, for you to interview, to help you ramp up quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Build the best sales team, and keep your sales training classes and your sales staffing pipeline full at all times!
Price (Full-serve Testing; All-inclusive Flat Fee):
The all-inclusive Full-service testing package starts at only
per week, per location (5-week minimum), and includes ALL of the above (Yes! Up to 250 Sales Assessment Tests are also included!). SAVE up to thousands of dollars! Enjoy virtually effortless local, regional or national sales-team building. Please Contact Us now, to request a formal quote!

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