Q: How can you tell if your job applicants can really sell?

A: Make them take our sales assessment test, and you will know!

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Top Sales Assessment Tools

Top Sales Assessment Tools

10 FREE Sales Assessment Tests

10 FREE Sales Assessment Tests

Accurate Sales Assessments

Accurate Sales Assessments

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  • HIRE THE BEST (Top 2%) Salespeople, Sales Managers, and Sales Trainees.
  • CUT DOWN on Your INTERVIEWING TIME by up to Seventy-five Percent (75%).
  • Quick Customization for "SALES HUNTER" and/or "SALES FARMER" Types of Roles.
  • Test your CURRENT Sales Team and RETAIN them Longer.
  • GROW Your Sales!

Tests of Total Sales Ability™ and Total Sales Talent™ (not just Personality or Aptitude):

  • An old-style sales personality test or sales aptitude test may be "blind" to the impact of a person's experience, sales training and/or knowledge of sales techniques. The Dan JOY Tests™ of Total Sales Ability™ do not have that limitation (Test #1, Test #2 and Test #3).
  • Sociability and a lack of call-reluctance may not Be enough. Some salespeople can call incessantly, yet not close the sale. It is critically important to test the new job-applicants for Total Sales Ability™
  • Recruiting under-experienced or entry-level salespeople (Sales Trainees) or building your sales-trainee classes? Evaluating them for Total Sales Talent™ (Test #4) may be better than testing them for just sales aptitude.
  • Our Test #4 (Test of Total Sales Talent™) can also help you decide whether the test-taker might be better-suited for CONSULTATIVE Selling (Solution Selling; long-term Relationship Building) or TRANSACTIONAL Selling (Quick Conclusion Sales, One Chance Sale, Door-to-Door Selling, etc.).

Identify "Sales Hunters" or "Sales Farmers":

  • It takes a different set of abilities and talents to acquire new customers (a "Sales Hunter" role) than to maintain and grow the existing accounts (a "Sales Farmer" role). Our AccuDecide™ technology offers quick one-click customization to help you hire "Sales Hunters" and/or "Sales Farmers".

Psychometric Sales Tests / Sales Assessments for Pre-employment Testing and Post-hire evaluation of Salespeople and Sales Managers:

  • Experienced Salespeople / Sales Executives
  • Entry Level Sales Reps (Sales Trainees)
  • Sales Manager / Sales Director / VP Sales and Marketing
  • Franchisees / Dealers / Distributors

Our Sales Ability Tests and Sales Talent Tests are Suitable for the Following Sales Scenarios:

  • Professional Business to Business (B2B) Sales
  • Professional Business to Consumer (B2C) Sales
  • One-chance / Quick Close / Door-to-Door Sales
  • Retail Sales / Customer Service
  • Inside Sales / Outside Sales (Field Sales)
  • Mail-Order Sales / Catalog Sales / Call Centers
  • Government Sales / Institutional Sales
  • Franchise Sales / Distributor Sales
  • Consultative Selling / Transactional Selling

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