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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1:  How many Units of each Type of Test should I buy?

Answer 1:
  Please purchase the appropriate number of Units of each Type of Test, based on how many applicants/candidates you wish to test and the type(s) of position(s) you are trying to fill. For example:

a. If you wish to give the Screening Test to, say, 100 different applicants, purchase 100 Units of the Screening Test (Test #1). This is a general Screening Test for ALL Sales Professionals -- from an Individual-contributor role to Managerial or Leadership roles. It can help you shortlist the applicants, and help you save time, money and frustration by not having to invite any non-candidates to the actual interview. An applicant may take this test from home.

b. Then, if you think that you will shortlist, say, 25 candidates to actually interview, buy 25 Final Tests to give on the day of the interview when the candidates visit your office. There are two different types of Final Tests. One is for Non-managerial Sales Professionals only (Test #2). The other is for Managerial Sales Professionals only (Test #3). Please buy the appropriate number of Units of the correct Test(s), based on the type(s) of position(s) you are trying to fill.

c. Any purchased Test Units may be used within 3 years (1098 days) from the date of purchase, as long as your monthly membership subscription is current.

Question 2:  What forms of payment do you accept? Check (Cheque) payable to? Address?

Answer 2:
  You may pay by a Credit Card or Debit Card for instant account activation, or overnight us a Company Check (Cheque) along with a printout of your online Order Confirmation. All orders must be placed online. First time Check payments from non-verifiable businesses may be subject to a reasonable hold (delay) before account activation to allow for the Check to clear. We accept Visa(R), MasterCard(R), American Express(R) and Discover(R) cards, Company Checks, and U.S. and International Money Orders. Orders of US$10,000 or more may be paid via Bank Wire Transfer (please Contact Us for the banking details). Your Order Confirmation email and/or Printout will contain the address for sending us your Check or Money Order. Please make the Check payable to Dan Joy, Inc.

Question 3:  Do you offer a Test-drive (Free Samples)?

Answer 3:
Yes! Please sign up for a 30-day Free Trial and 10 Free Sales Assessment Tests NOW -- Click Here.

Question 4:  How can I cancel a Fixed Term (One-time) Membership?

Answer 4:
  Your membership subscription will expire automatically at the end of its initial term, your card or checking account will not be billed or charged again, and you don't need to write to anyone.

Question 5:  Will you charge my card or PayPal(R) account automatically for membership renewal?

Answer 5:
  No. We shall not charge your card, PayPal(R) or bank account automatically because all memberships are for a fixed term only. If you wish to renew your membership, please login to your account and pay to renew your membership for another fixed term of 1, 3, 6 or 12 months. Our system will send you an automatic reminder when your membership is about to expire, but it will not charge your card automatically.

Question 6:  What is your cancellation or refund policy?

Answer 6:
   All sales and orders are final, non-cancelable and non-refundable. No pro-rated refund of membership fees will be issued for accounts which are closed prior to the end of their term, regardless of reason. All deposits are non refundable.

Question 7:  How are your Online Sales Tests better? Why should my company use you?

Answer 7:
  Please see "Why Us?".

Question 8:  How can The JOY Sales Tests (tm) help me as an Employer?

Answer 8:
  Hiring good salespeople is one of the hardest things that a business owner or manager does. People sometimes tend to hire a person with whom they "feel comfortable", who is "like them", who "looks good", or just someone with "industry knowledge". None of that necessarily means that the person can actually sell. It is often easier to teach someone about your industry than to teach them how to sell. They may be able to learn about your industry in 2 weeks or less, but they may have invested 20 years in learning how to sell. The JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) can help reduce subjectivity and guesswork, to help you make more objective hiring, promotion or retention decisions.

Question 9:  What kind of Sales and Marketing Ability / Talent do you test for?

Answer 9:
  Please see What do we Test for?
Question 10:  What Type of Sales Professionals (career-level) can we test with The JOY Sales Assessments (tm)?

Answer 10:
  The Dan JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) are available for virtually every sales career-level, from Sales Trainee (entry level) to Sales Director or V.P. of Sales and Marketing; however, please choose the right test(s) for your needs. Please see Test Descriptions and sample Report Cards.

Question 11:  Are your tests industry-specific? Will they work for my business/industry?

Answer 11:
  Generally speaking, the core sales ability is transferable across industries. Business owners sometimes try to solve a sales problem (i.e., not enough sales) by hiring someone who "knows about the industry". Very often that does not work, because a sales problem cannot usually be solved with mere industry knowledge. What they really need is someone who knows how to sell. It is often easier to teach someone about a new industry than to teach them how to sell. If you can find someone who really knows how to sell, you may be able to teach them about the nuances of your own particular industry in 2 weeks or less, but it may have taken them 20 years to learn how to sell. The JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) are not industry-specific, and may be used to assist you in identifying good sales and marketing professionals for virtually any industry, product or service (both tangibles and intangibles).

Question 12:  Are your tests region-specific? Will they work in my country/region?

Answer 12:
  Generally speaking, the core sales ability / talent is transferable across regions/countries as long as one is knowledgeable about the local social and business etiquette and cultural norms. At present we offer The JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) in English only, and they should be effective in ALL English Speaking regions / countries of the world (USA, Canada, UK, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, etc). If the person being tested can read, write and speak English regardless of where they are actually located in the world, you can still test them by using The JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) (for example English speaking sales professionals in Europe, Asia, Middle East, South America, Germany, France, China, Japan, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Turkey, Dubai / UAE, etc). We plan to offer The JOY Sales Tests (tm) in other major languages also.

Question 13:  Are there any illegal or discriminatory questions on your tests?

Answer 13:
  No. There are absolutely no illegal or discriminatory questions on any of our tests. We do not ask the test-taker about their age, gender, race, color, marital status, sexual orientation, handicap if any, national origin, or for any other information that can be considered discriminatory or illegal under US Federal, State or Local laws. None of the questions in our tests are intended to elicit information regarding any protected characteristics, nor imply any limitation, illegal preferences or discrimination based on personal information or protected characteristics. You may use The Dan JOY Sales Assessment Tests (tm) with full confidence as they do not contain any inappropriate questions.

Question 14:  How does the Sales Testing process work?

Answer 14:
  It is a very user-friendly self-serve system. You can save time by delegating the entire online testing process to your Executive Assistant. Technical Support is always FREE. Here's how the process works:

a. The Testing-Process for Experienced Salespeople / Sales Managers
b. The Testing-Process for Entry-Level / Underexperienced Sales Reps (or "Mixed" roles)

Question 15:  Is your system available around the clock? On holidays/weekends?

Answer 15:
  Yes, our online system is accessible around the clock (24 x 7 x 365), barring any unforeseen circumstances or server maintenance or upgrades. Many business owners, executives, recruiters and assistants appreciate the flexibility of being able to manage many aspects of the testing process online from their home or remote office, at their own convenience, by using a web browser. Applicants can take online tests at any time of the day or night, even on holidays or weekends. The Report Cards (Test Scores) are available online to the Company almost instantaneously after test completion, and may also be printed. Automatic email notifications will keep you informed.

Question 16:  Do I have to use BOTH the Screening Test and the Final Test?

Answer 16:
  Using the Screening Test (Test #1) in conjunction with a Final Test (Test #2 or Test #3) is recommended (for experienced Sales Professionals only), as it can save you a tremendous amount of interviewing time and effort by helping you shortlist only the top candidates to invite to the actual interview. However, you may bypass the Screening Test and just give the candidates a Final Test when they visit your office for the interview. Thus, any Final Test may be given on its own as a stand-alone test. However, the reverse is not true -- you must not use just the Screening Test as a stand-alone test to help you in your final hiring decisions. The Final Tests are more comprehensive than the Screening Test.

Question 17:  Who may purchase The JOY Sales Tests (tm)? How about Answer sharing?

Answer 17:
  Only legitimate properly licensed businesses (e.g., Employers, Recruiters, etc.) may purchase Test Units on this website. Purchasing of any Test Units by Job-seekers, Applicants and/or Candidates is prohibited. You must not access this website, web-application or Service if you are a direct or indirect competitor or potential competitor of Dan Joy, Inc., or acting on behalf of one. In addition, you must not access the Service, website or web-application for purposes of monitoring its availability, performance or functionality, or for any other benchmarking, analysis, evaluation, comparison or competitive purposes. It is explicitly prohibited to share, post, distribute and/or divulge the Test Questions, Test Answers, Scoring Methodology, Algorithms, Testing Technology and/or any other workings of this website and web-application to anyone by any means in any media. The sequence of questions changes from time to time to protect against answer sharing. "Negative Marking" is in effect to guard against guessing and random answering. All online tests are given via a secure server using industry strength encryption. The proprietary Scoring Methodology is a trade secret.

Question 18:  How do your tests affect the Sales and Marketing Profession overall?

Answer 18:
  It is our sincere belief that The JOY Sales Assessment Tools (tm) help make the Sales and Marketing profession stronger, lead to better compensation for the truly capable sales and marketing professionals, and help the employers achieve their goals more effectively -- so, everybody wins!

Question 19:  How do your tests help serve the Greater Good?

Answer 19:
   Your support of this website helps give back to humanity. Dan Joy, Inc., donates at least Five Percent of its global online profit to charity.

Question 20:  Can you guarantee the performance of any Salesperson whom I hire?

Answer 20:
   No. "Sales" is probably the only major Profession in the world where at the end of the day, despite a person's own best efforts, the end-result (i.e., the decision to buy or not to buy) is not in that person's (salesperson's) own control. Someone else (the prospect) determines the final outcome. A salesperson can say and do all the right things but the sale might still not close due to any of a thousand or more possible reasons which are totally beyond the salesperson's control. The success or failure of a Sales Professional in any company also depends on that company's own commitment to the Sales and Marketing effort, e.g., PR/Advertising programs, leads generation, sales tools and internal systems, strategic and tactical marketing plans, the training and environment that the company provides to its salespeople, the pricing, availability and distribution of the company's products and/or services, the goodwill of the company, the economy, the strengths of the company's Brand(s), and many other factors which are beyond the control of the sales person and/or Dan Joy, Inc. No one can guarantee how much revenue or sales any salesperson will generate for you.

Question 21:  What kind of Technical Support or Training do you provide?

Answer 21:
  We have an intuitive and extremely easy to use self-serve system. However, courteous and FREE Technical Support is available if you need it.

Question 22:  Not able to start the test / Test "froze" or stopped / Test Invitation link not working?

Answer 22:
  If you received a Test invitation email but are unable to start the test by clicking on the embedded test invitation link (or if your Test seems to "freeze" or lock up while you are taking it), please read this entire section for a possible reason and solution:

a. BLOCKED: Your email tool or Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be blocking / preventing you from traveling the test invitation link when you click on it to start the Test. Some web-based email systems (e.g., Hotmail, Yahoo, AOL, Live, cable / phone company web email, etc.) may block the web links embedded in an email, by default. However, if you change the settings / preferences of your email tool, the link may work just fine. You may also "Right-Click" on a link then choose "Open" to make it work. Or, simply Copy and Paste the entire hard-coded test invitation link (the second link in your test invitation email; it starts with "https://") into your web browser and press <Enter>. It will work. It is just one long link even if it appears broken into two lines; please copy and paste it in its entirety, starting at and including the "https://".

b. TEST FROZE / STOPPED: If the test seemed to freeze or lock up while you were taking it, you may have lost your Internet connection momentarily. Wireless Internet connections seem to be more susceptible to this than hardwired connections, especially during inclement weather (heavy rain, snowfall, thunderstorm, lighting, etc). Re-start the test IMMEDIATELY (before it expires or times out) by clicking again on the link in the original Test invitation email (or by re-entering your credentials for a Final Test), and the system will let you pick up where you left off (you must use the SAME computer / device). You will NOT have to answer the same questions again. However, you must re-start the test immediately, BEFORE it expires or times out (you must use the SAME computer / device). A hard-wired Internet connection is recommended; Reset / Restart your Wi-Fi modem / router. Test your connection by visiting some other website. If you are unable to re-start the test because it has expired or timed out, please contact the employer / company directly (NOT Dan Joy, Inc.) to request a fresh test invitation. Include the error message, your test's Ticket Number and your full contact information. Please be truthful; the employer can view your testing progress on their tracking screen. If you do not know how to contact the employer, you may Contact Us with a request to forward your note to them (please allow 1-2 business days).

c. PUBLIC COMPUTER: If you are using a public computer (e.g., at a library, employment office, coffee shop, Internet cafe, etc.), or if you are on a closed corporate / internal network and the computer or network is set to block the users from visiting external websites, the network administrator at that facility may be able to help you get around that restriction. Please request the network administrator at that location.

d. EXPIRED / TIMED OUT / AUTO-CANCELED: The test invitation expired, and was automatically canceled because the test was never started within the number of days allowed. Please contact the employer / company directly (NOT Dan Joy, Inc.) to request a fresh test invitation. Include the error message, your test's Ticket Number and your full contact information. Please be truthful; the employer can view your testing progress on their tracking screen. If you do not know how to contact the employer, you may Contact Us with a request to forward your note to them (please allow 1-2 business days).

e. INCOMPLETE / TIME UP: The test was started but not completed, and the test invitation is no longer valid. Once started, the test must be completed in the same session, within the allocated time. Please contact the employer / company directly (NOT Dan Joy, Inc.) to request a fresh test invitation. Include the error message, your test's Ticket Number and your full contact information. Please be truthful; the employer can view your testing progress on their tracking screen. If you do not know how to contact the employer, you may Contact Us with a request to forward your note to them (please allow 1-2 business days).

f. UN-INVITED: The employer who sent you the test invitation has un-invited / canceled it. Please contact the employer / company directly (NOT Dan Joy, Inc.) to request a fresh test invitation. Include a copy of the error message, your test's Ticket Number and your full contact information. Please be truthful; the employer can view your testing progress on their tracking screen. If you do not know how to contact the employer, you may Contact Us with a request to forward your note to them (please allow 1-2 business days).

g. RESTRICTIVE SECURITY LEVEL: Your web browser's security settings may be too restrictive. Try "Medium" security level (NOT High or Medium-High). Cookies and JavaScript must be enabled in your web browser (please also see FAQ #23 below).

h. INCOMPATIBLE WEB-BROWSER: You may be using a non-standard web browser. We recommend using the latest version of the Google Chrome® web browser or Internet Explorer® web browser, but other popular web browsers may also work. Please use a full-featured adequately powerful computer for taking the test.

i. LOW POWERED MOBILE PHONE / PDA: You may be using a small handheld device, a personal digital assistant (PDA) / palmtop computer or a cell phone with limited web browsing capability and/or insufficient memory, to take the test. Please use a full-featured adequately powerful computer for taking the test.

j. SLOW (INSUFFICIENT SYSTEM RESOURCES): If the test seems to become slow or sluggish, insufficient system resources on your computer may be the cause. Close all other programs which you can, especially any Internet applications (not just minimize but CLOSE and EXIT) such as Internet TV / Radio, RSS Feeds, Streaming Video / Music, Social Networking, Browser Toolbar, News / Magazine Reader, automatic Backup / Upgrades, Weather Updates, Contact Management Databases, Word Processor, etc., to free up the memory and help prevent a data bottleneck which may be causing the test to slow down.

k. CABLE / DSL MODEM: If you can access other websites but not ours, then there may be a routing issue related to your Internet Service Provider (ISP). Cable / DSL / Dish Internet users can sometimes experience a problem connecting to certain systems while they have no problem connecting to other websites or Internet hosts. It is possible that the routing tables on the cable / DSL modem may have invalid entries, causing you to be unable to connect correctly. Simply power-cycling (turning OFF and then turning back ON again) the cable modem or DSL modem can often resolve those issues. Please turn OFF your cable / DSL modem, wait for three (3) minutes, and then turn it back ON again.

l. INVALID PHONE NUMBER (USA / CANADA): If you are unable to move forward due to an invalid Phone / Fax number, please enter a valid 10-digit Phone / Fax number. No dashes, spaces or punctuations. Do not enter a country code of "1" before a US / Canadian number, as that will make it 11 digits not 10. The Fax Number is NOT required. If you are located in USA or Canada, please count the number of digits to make sure that you are entering exactly 10.

Note: If you have already tried everything above but to no avail, please Contact Us. Please describe the problem in sufficient detail, and include any error message(s), your test's Ticket Number and your full contact information. We try to respond to all queries promptly, but please allow up to 1-2 business days, just in case.

Question 23:  How do I enable Cookies and JavaScript?

Answer 23:
   Click here to learn how to enable Cookies  or how to enable JavaScript.

If you have any other questions, please email them to us through the Contact Us page.

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