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Why Choose Dan Joy, Inc.?

Why Choose the Dan JOY Tests / Dan Joy, Inc.?

  • Tests of Total Sales Ability™ or Total Sales Talent™, not just Personality or Aptitude. Hire the BEST experienced Salespeople, Sales Managers and Sales Trainees (entry-level sales reps). Save time, effort and money!
  • Our cutting-edge AccuDecide™ technology offers quick one-click customization for “Sales Hunter” and/or “Sales Farmer” types of roles.
  • Gauge Consultative Vs Transactional Selling Talent. Test your current sales team for promotion, retention or sales training purposes (sales skills testing).
  • Our Report Cards are clear, insightful and easy to understand. The scores are expressed clearly in percentage form. Instant scoring (no waiting for results).
  • Built-in safeguards against guessing and random answering, including negative marking. Very hard to beat, cheat or game the test.
  • Easily Affordable by small to mid-sized entrepreneurial businesses. Attractive volume-discounts. Emerging Market discounts for many countries, and Lowest Price Worldwide Assurance for bulk orders (any legal currency converted to USD; please ask before ordering).
  • Suitable for testing sales professionals for virtually any product, service or industry (manufacturing, distribution, services, etc.), both B2B and B2C. Test your employees, sales reps, franchisees, dealers, distributors, etc.

 What do we Test for?

What Do the Total Sales Ability Tests™ Evaluate?
The first three tests (Test #1, Test #2 and Test #3) are tests of Total Sales Ability™. They are used for testing only experienced salespeople or sales managers (with 3 years or more of relevant experience). Our sales ability tests evaluate the following:
  • Sales Prospecting (Leads Generation) Ability.
  • Appointment Setting, Cold Calling, Rapport and Presentation Ability.
  • Objection Handling and Negotiating Ability.
  • Sales CLOSING Ability and Asking for Payment/Deposit.
  • Cementing the Sale (Re-assuring the Client), and Ability to Get Referrals.
  • Computer / Internet / Email / CRM and Sales Tools Ability.
  • Miscellaneous Crucial Sales and Marketing Abilities. (Various Secondary Factors: Personality, Psychology, Skills, Aptitude, Ethics, etc.)
  • Sales Team Recruitment Ability.
  • Sales Team Management / Leadership / Motivation Ability.
  • Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations Ability.
What Does the Total Sales Talent Test™ Evaluate?
The fourth test (Test #4) is a test of Total Sales Talent™. It may be used for testing BOTH entry-level salespeople (sales trainees) and/or insufficiently-experienced salespeople (with less than 3 years of sales experience). Use this Sales Talent Test (Test #4) if you are recruiting BOTH entry-level and experienced Salespeople for the SAME position, and you need just one test which can be given to all applicants, regardless of their experience level. This sales talent test evaluates the following:
  • CONSULTATIVE Selling (Solution Selling) and Relationship Building Aptitude.
  • TRANSACTIONAL Selling, One-chance Sale and Door-to-Door Selling Aptitude.
  • Sales Prospecting, Appointment Setting and Cold Calling Aptitude.
  • Sociability, Building a Rapport, and Sales Presentation Aptitude.
  • Objection Handling, Mental Agility, and Negotiating Aptitude.
  • Sales CLOSING Aptitude, Assertiveness and Creative Problem-solving.
  • CRUCIALS: Persistence, Motivation/Drive, Work-ethic, Ego-strength and Ethics.
  • Rejection-resilience, Empathy and Dependability.
  • Competitiveness, Self-confidence and Optimism.
  • Computer/Web/Email Skills, Attention to Detail, and Staying Organized.

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