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Partnering Opportunities / Affiliates

Strategic Alliance, Partnering, Affiliates... Additional Revenue Opportunities for You

Additional Revenue for You:
Would you like to add an ongoing / recurring revenue stream to your business, virtually effortlessly? We offer attractive Strategic Alliance / Partnering / Affiliate Marketing opportunities for:
  • email Marketers, Content Marketers, Clickbank™ Sellers, B2B Marketers, YouTubers and Social Media Marketers.
  • Resume Portals, Job Banks and Career Websites.
  • Book Publishers, Magazine Publishers, Newspaper Publishers and Career Fair Organizers.
  • Chambers of Commerce and Trade Associations.
  • CRM Software Publishers, other Assessment Publishers and Mailing List Companies.
  • Sales Trainers, Sales Recruiters, Search Firms, PEOs and Thought Leaders.
  • Dan Joy, Inc. is actively seeking strategic alliance / collaboration partners in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) / Machine Learning / Data Science / Deep Learning space to develop the next generation of Applicant and Employee Assessments.
  • Others (please ask).
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